State of Education

At a time when the world is at the most technologically advanced status, it is unbelievable to hear the fact that 130 million kids in this world don't go to school and that one out of every five 6-11 year olds were not enrolled in primary school. We at Vetrivel Foundation believe in empowering children by enabling them to access quality primary education. For impoverished youth, who could not attend regular college education either by choice or by circumstances, Vetrivel Foundation hopes to empower them through vocational training/education.

Educating children has a lot of benefits- it helps them to get a job, support their family, improve their health and it decreases the chance of more people becoming criminals. There are so many opportunities for the educated youth in this world. They can cure uncured diseases, invent new things, teach other people and spread the knowledge.

Come, join us. Together we can be a catalyst for a positive change in someone’s life, someone who does not have access to what we in developed world would take for granted.