Teachers Award Ceremony and IT Training

_ A blog by Deepak Saravanan. Putting down few thoughts on my experience in attending an Award Function for best teachers organized and Hosted by Vetrivel Foundation, MD whatsapp Group Admin Mr.Muralidharan and Mr.Gowthamarajan of Tamil Virtual Academy. The awards are for the effective participation in reviewing Khan Academy Tamil Translation Videos. Teachers also participated … Read More

Visit to Sakya Hostels

Aug 9, 2015. With the Sakya Students It was through meeting Ms. Dayamudra Dennehy of‪#‎JaiBhimInternational‬, we learnt about Sakya Hostels. Hence during my August India Trip, planned a trip to Sakya Hostels in Manali New Town in Chennai. It was Sunday evening and started the journey from Chennai Airport to Manali New Town. Fact that … Read More

Visit to Kandavarayanpatti School

August 8, 2015: Even though it was a Saturday, a normal school holiday, the Headmaster of Kandavarayanpatti School (Sri Panichaarudayavar Dharma Kalasaalai) Thiru Mahalingam had arranged for the school to be run as one of the school days with all the teachers and students present. He had made the special arrangement for the meeting with … Read More

Article by Bhaskar Sompalli

It is not often that you get to see a group of family and friends turn a personal tragedy into a personal triumph of sorts. Two years after the terrible loss of their son, the couple Sivagami Ramaiah and Chockkalingam Karuppaiah and their friends unveiled the wraps on their latest creation; a non-profit organization called … Read More

Visit to Malarchi & Anbagam by Uma Ramiah

We had the opportunity to visit Malarchi on 22nd Dec 2010. They gave us a very warm and kind welcome. Director Mr Mahalingam explained the reason why he started the organization, the struggle he needs to go through in order to run the organization, the day to day operations of the organizations.etc., patiently. We had the chance to have … Read More

Visit to Thai Tamil Palli by Ma. Sivakumar

Nachiappa and I visited Thai Tamil Palli (Thai Tamil Nursery and Primary school) in Kottaipattinam on June 16, 2011. We were in Kottaipattinam from 9 am to 3 pm and met Mr. Ramanathan, School Correspondent (from 1999). Mr Ramanathan is a social activist and started the school as part of state-wide initiative by Tamil activists … Read More

Visit to Malarchi by Chockkalingam Karuppaiah

Mr. Jayaraman, Mrs. Rukmini Jeyaraman and I reached Renaissance Malarchi School at around 4:15 pm. Mr. Mahalingam welcomed us with a big smile. With full energy and enthusiasm, Mahalingam started introducing the Malarchi, Special Education School for Mentally Challenged Children run by Renaissance Trust. He indicated that most of the special education schools are in … Read More

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