Our primary mission is to bridge the digital divide in the education that exists between the remote villages, under privileged regions and those who have easy access to modern education tools.


When we started visiting schools in rural areas of India, we found two key problems while interacting with the students and teachers

1. Students are least interested in studies as there is no push from the parents. Most of the student’s parents are daily wage employees who don’t realize the importance of education.

2. Teachers are not capable of improving the quality of education as they are not adequately trained with the contemporary teaching methods.

When Vetrivel foundation started distributing the Khan Academy Tamil and other opensource multimedia contents to the schools and trained the students and teachers on how to use those contents, we started realizing that:

1. Multimedia education contents increased the curiosity among the students to learn and question.

2. Teachers started participating in teaching while playing the video contents.

We realized that this is a great opportunity to create a “Sustainable Ecosystem” where both teachers and students participate equally in improving the education quality all by themselves.