Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Kesingan

Report on BATM Project Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation In Punchayat Union Middle School, Kesingan Near Mayiladuthurai

Per our plan on installing the very first multimedia kit containing a Samsung 40 inch LED TV, a 1TB Lenovo External Hard drive, Luminous Inverter with 150 Ah Tubular Battery for prolonged Backup, has been executed on 15th of May.

The Panchayat Union Middle School, Kesingan is situated nearly 15 Kms from Mayiladuthurai. Our staff member, Deepak Saravanan was guided by Mr. Rajkumar, Head Master of P.U.M.S, Kesingan. 40 inch Television, external Hard drive and banner were carried to the school and the Inverter with Tubular Battery was purchased in Mayladuthurai, brought in by the Seller’s engineer to make the fittings.

On Reaching the school, we mounted our sponsor banner and Deepak of Vetrivel Foundation presented/handed over the Multimedia kit to the Head Master Mr.Rajkumar, P.U.M.S. A part of the installation was to wall mount the 40 inch Television, we tried to make it up with a local electrician, but unfortunately the wall mounting kit is not available with the box. We made a request to the Samsung Customer care for installation, It took around two days for the Samsung men to reach our school. As it was the very first installation we waited patiently and competed the entire process  on a three day time period.

After the completion of the wall mounting work, we proceeded forward in the installation of the Inverter and Battery interconnecting. It took around 20 mins to finish the installation.

Proceeding forward to the connecting of the External Hard Drive, an issue occurred in establishing the connection between the Television and the hard drive. After a series of connecting ways, we could not establish the connection. Then we came to know that the School had their own Laptop and an HDMI cable. We came up with an idea to route the 40 Inch television with the laptop. Now the 40 inch Television will serve as a Laptop monitor. Connecting the External Hard Drive to the Laptop, we succeeded our goal of installing the Khan Academy Tamil multimedia kit. It made easier for the staff members to access their own known interface.

We checked for the correctness of the process, by playing a series number of videos. The staff members appreciated the way the videos were prepared for the Tamizh Language and encouraged us in doing this process.

We also received a Letter of Thanks from the Head Master, thanking the Sponsors and Team effort to get this process a Success. With the full completion of the installation process and a lot of lessons learned in setting up the multimedia kit, our staff member returned to Chennai. As it was the first installation it took some time to educate ourselves in planning and setting up things right.

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