Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Semakottai ADWS Higher Sec School

Report on Cuddalore, Semakottai, Government ADWS Higher Secondry School BATM Project – Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation.

Cuddalore Installation was the last installation, to complete BATM Project, the 9th School on the row to receive the Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation.Deepak from Vetrivel Foundation transported the Multimedia Kit essentials via Train up to Villupuram Junction, from there Deepak got assistance from the School’s English Master and NSS coordinator Mr.Sivanesan, who received Deepak in the railway station. With the help of Sivanesan Sir, Deepak reached the school easily, because as planned earlier, Sivanesan Sir arranged a cab to transfer the TV safely.

It is important to mention the School’s NSS students crew effort here, they have restored a big hall for the Khan Academy Tamil multimedia kit installation, which was earlier kept has a store room for all old books. They worked hard make the place clean and perfect to make the installation. Thanks to their effort to help themselves to educate them in a new way.

It was nearly middle of the day because it was almost 11.30 A.M. while reaching Villupuram Junction from there it took half an hour in cab to reach the school. Meanwhile, we spoke to the Samsung executive to finish the installation. On reaching the School the Headmaster of the School welcomed Deepak. We moved on to the hall where the Multimedia Kit has to set up. NSS students helped us in the installation process. We erected our banner

Samsung Executive reached the school, but due to power drop we cannot continue the installation process, but the Samsung executives had their own generator in handy to finish the installation. With the help of the generator the wall mounting of the TV and Seagate 500GB External Hard drive syncing process took place, had some issues in playing videos, so Deepak offered a 8GB Flash Drive containing the videos of Khan Academy Tamil.

Deepak instructed the Headmaster how to play videos via remote controller Afterwhich the Headmaster himself played the videos to store the process in his mind. The time reached the Lunch Hour, so every took a break. On completing the lunch Deepak and Sivanesan Sir set out for the inverter purchase, reached a nearby Luminous Inverter Dealer, purchased a set of Inverter and 150Ah Tubular Batteries reached the School. The Inverter engineer then finished the installation process.

On completion of the Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit process, the Headmaster of the School called upon all the Teaching Staffs of the School to take a look at the Multimedia Kit. They also asked us to make videos on Science, Deepak promised them to get more science related videos more on our next visit. Deepak then took some snaps with the teachers near the Multimedia Kit. Afterwhich the handing over ceremony took place, the teachers received it with great thanks. They also informed Deepak about BATM’s previous donations. They also handed over Deepak  a thanks letter, thanking the sponsors for their kindness towards their school. With that note Deepak left the school.

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