Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Soleshwara Middle School

Report On BATM Project – Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation Process in Sri Soleshwara Middle School, Kuttalam, Nagapattinam District

    After our series of installation in Chennai, Our Staff Member Deepak from Chennai headed to Mayiladuthurai for three more installations around Mayiladuthurai. Sri Soleshwara Middle School, Kuttalam which is 10 Kms away from Mayiladuthurai. On reaching Mayiladuthurai, transported Samsung 40 inch LED TV along with the banner holdings the names of the sponsors, a Seagate 500GB External Hard Drive and an Hanging tray with the help of a cab, reached the School.

On Reaching the School, Deepak handed over the Khan Academy Tamil multimedia kit to Mr.Subramanian Sir, Headmaster of the School. We spotted a place a mount the 40 inch LED TV, but had some issues in mounting, because it was a big hall segregated by Plywood Curtains and so the Samsung Executive gave an idea to fit a wooden reaper on the center of the Plywood Curtains. Due to this issue our installation was paused and after getting the issue fixed by a local carpenter, we proceeded the installation process inviting the Samsung Executive for the second time. The Samsung Executive finished the installation process, after which our Inverter supplier from Mayiladuthurai, Best Batteries finished the inverter installation process.

We erected our Sponsors banner prior to the above installations with the help of the carpenter from local area, thanks to Mr.Natarajan, Senior Teaching Staff of the School and a Maths Teacher too, who holds a laptop in person, agreed to segregate videos mainly for their students and for us too.

A bit disappointing was the issues in connection establishment between the Samsung 40 inch LED TV and the External Hard Drive. But as per our Chief, Chockalingam Sir’s advice, a 8GB flash drive was bought from local store and with the help of Mr.Natarajan Sir’s laptop we could transfer the data from External Hard Drive (which supported well in the Laptop) to 8GB Flash Drive, handed over to Mr.Subramanian Sir, Headmaster of the School. And promised to revisit the School to fix the issue arose in the connection establishment.

Deepak then assisted the teachers in the process of playing videos in the Television with the help of Remote Controller. Students too were eager in watching videos. Some students peeped to the Multimedia Classroom to sea the Mathematical Videos. We are sure that they are going to enjoy studying in a different manner. Then with lot of thanks Deepak left the School, to the next installation.


On a recent days we received a thanks letter from the Headmaster of the School.


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