Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Thiruvilyattam Primary School

Report on Thiruvilayattum, Sowrirajan Primary School BATM Project – Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation Process

It is our 7th School in the row to start up the Khan Academy Tamil multimedia kit installation process. On continuing our trip in Mayiladuthurai successfully completing Kuttalam, Sri Soleshwara Middle School and Vakkaramari, Panchayat Union Middle School, Deepak Staff member of Vetrivel Foundation headed to Thiruvilayattum Sowrirajan School. It was around 15Kms from Mayiladuthurai to reach the school. The Headmistress of the School Mrs. Valarmathi arranged a cab to reach the school.

The Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Containing Samsung 40 inch LED TV, Seagate 500gb External Hard drive, Banner holding the sponsors logos and the Luminous 1100 model inverter and 150Ah Tubular batteries has been transported to the School. We erected our sponsors banner, awaited for the SAMSUNG executive, who need to wall mount the TV for safety and better viewing of the Children. Unfortunately due to the long distance the SAMSUNG Executive cannot make it to the school that day.

Hence we waited for another day, got the SAMSUNG Executives work done, successfully wall mounted the TV. Connected the External Hard drive, but had some issues in establishing the connection between the Hard Drive and TV. A temporary alternative was the 8gb flash drive which was hand over to the school Headmistress. Inverter engineer then fixed the inverter and batteries, explained the instructions that has to be followed in maintaining the battery for better usage and long life of the battery.

The TV was then powered on, then Deepak instructed the way to access the videos through remote controller, then played some videos, which was much satisfying to the headmistress. She felt that these videos will be very useful to the students, she also requested us to make videos on other major subjects too. We promised her to work on that process.

Then finally the handing over ceremony took place. Deepak handed over the Multimedia Kit to Headmistress Mrs. Valarmathi, this occasion was captured for remembrance. She also wrote  thanks giving letter to our organisations expressing her thanks to all the organisations who took great efforts for the welfare of children. We promised her on our series of visits to update the videos and to get feedback on the videos to perform better in the near future. With that note we concluded and signed out of the school. Mayiladuthurai Visit was successful completing the Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation Process in all three Schools.


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