Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Vakkaramari Middle School

Report On BATM Project – Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit Installation Process in Panchayat Union Middle School, Vakkaramari, Near Manalmedu, Nagapattinam

After our execution process in Kuttalam School, We proceeded to Vakkaramari, Panchayat Union Middle School. The Headmaster of the School Mr.Elavazuthi, picked us from Kuttalam, Sri Soleshwara Middle School to his School in his own car. Thanks to Mr.Elavazuthi Sir for his support. It was the Middle of the day when we started from Soleshwara School. Deepak from Vetrivel Foundation, proceeded with the installation. On his visit, he carried with him a Samsung 40 inch LED TV, a Seagate 500GB External Hard Drive, a hanging tray and a Banner holdings the names and Logos of the Sponsors.

On reaching the school, the headmaster of the school spotted a big hall for installing the Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit, which will be perfect for long site viewing and a mass number of students can occupy and take up the classes.

We erected our banner on the adjacent side of the wall where the TV is going to be installed. Then Deepak handed over Multimedia Kit to the Headmaster of the School, Mr.Elavazuthi. After which the Samsung Executive arrived and started the wall mounting process, then he successfully completed the installation process.

Due to the External Hard Drive issue, a 8GB flash drive has been provided with 560 Videos stored in it. Our aim was to deliver knowledge to the students. Hence fulfilled the alternative process. The flash drive was connected to the TV with the help of a connecting cable, that was purchased by the Headmaster on his own interest.

After the lunch, the inverter supplier Best Batteries men Mr.Muthu headed for the installation of Inverter with batteries. Then Mr.Muthu proceeded installing the Inverter, connected the Television to check the power consumption of the Television. The inverter displayed the amount of time left in backup in the battery to run in powerless times.

Deepak then assisted the Headmaster in the process of playing the videos in the television with the help of the Remote Controller. Then we promised for our revisit to solve the issue that arose in establishing connection between Television and the External Hard Drive. With that note Deepak left the School and proceeded to next school located in Thiruvilayattam.

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