Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Class Room Implementation – Vidivelli Children’s Home

Report on Vidivelli Home Visit, Mettukadai, Manapparai sponsored by Ms.Saundarya Manikandan and Vetrivel Foundation.

On pursuit to the Vidivelli Home, we transported the Samsung 40 inch LED Television from Meenakshi Moldings to reach a nearby destination, so as to board into the 8.15.A.M. departing train Guruvayur Express to reach Trichy Railway Station, so the television was transported to Nungambakkam, Deepak’s residence.

On reaching Egmore Railway Station in the Morning I, Deepak boarded the Train to reach Trichy Junction. It took nearly 5 hours of Journey to reach Trichy Junction, it was 2.00.P.M. in the noon when I reached Trichy. As planned earlier Sridhar’s Driver awaited for me in the railway station. We then loaded the Samsung 40 Inch LED Television into Sridhar Sir’s car, and started our travel to Manapparai. It took half an hour to reach Manapparai.

On the way to the Home, we picked up the Samsung Executive Mr.Azaar and headed to Pick up Sridhar Sir. Due to some reasons Sridhar Sir could not come with us. So he asked his wife to take care of the installation on behalf of him. So Mrs. Sridhar came with us to the home.

We reached the home, the coordinator of the home Saritha welcomed us. We started our installation, the Samsung Executive fitted the Wall Bracket into the wall, which will hold the Tv firmly to the wall. As per the Coordinator’s advice the Tv was hanged little bit higher than the normal level, so that children won’t disturb the setup.

Afterwhich, we erected our Sponsor Banner, which had the picture of Ms.Saundarya Manikandan’s catching an abinayam of Bharatanatyam and Vetrivel Foundation’s Logo. Meanwhile the inverter person reached the home. We instructed him place the Battery nearby the TV and to proceed with the installation process.The Inverter person started his work connected the battery to the Inverter and connected the Samsung 40 Inch LED Television to the inverter.

Then I plugged in the Sandisk 16GB Hard Drive into the Television, Then I explained them how to play the videos using the remote controller. We played some of the videos, meanwhile the children reached home from School. Every little started to peep into the windows to see the videos. Then the Coordinator instructed them to fresh up and return back to see the videos. The Students came back sat on the floor started to watch the videos. The teachers were surprised to see that the Children started to respond to the videos. They told me it will be very useful to them.They also planned to allocate some time during the Study Hours to play those videos.

I then captured some pictures of the Teachers and Coordinator and the Volunteer Mrs. Sridhar, who helped us assisting all the way till the entire installation. Then I joined with them and took a picture with them nearby the sponsor banner. So the Khan Academy Tamil Multimedia Kit was successfully handed over to the Home In Charge Saritha Mam, and told them that we will be back for updating the videos and to receive feedbacks. With that note we left the Home.

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