Government Higher Secondary School, Konur, Namakkal District

Government Higher Secondary School - Konur - Namakkal District

Government Higher Secondary School – Konur – Namakkal District

Executed By    : Vetrivel Foundation

Sponsored By   : India Team

Implemented day: 08.08.2019


Introduction to School


School Name        : Government Higher Secondary School

Started            : 20.06.1966

Management        : Government School

Medium            : Tamil

Area                : Village

Classes            : 6th to 12th

No. of Teachers        : 23

No. of Students        : 381

School Principal        : Mr. Anburaj

Address            : Government Higher Secondary School, Konur, Namakkal District, 637 207.


The main objective of the Foundation is to provide education for the rural students equivalent to foreign nationals. Till now, the Multimedia Classroom Program has been established in 35 schools of Tamil Nadu.

Government Higher Secondary School - Konur - Namakkal District

Government Higher Secondary School – Konur – Namakkal District

On 08.08.2019,  Multimedia Classroom Program was implemented in Government Higher Secondary School, Konur at Namakkal District by Vetrivel Foundation.

Children from around six villages are studying in this school. Our employee Mr. Thangaraj and Mr. Pandiyan, former student of Konur school reached the school on the day of implementation. In school, Mr. Pandiyan took photos with the students and his teachers. He initiated the Multimedia Classroom Program and hoped that the program helps students and teachers to understand easily. There are videos of general science and Maths in the flashdrive given by Vetrivel foundation for the students of first to eighth grade. He wishes Vetrivel foundation to achieve its dreams of implementing the project all over Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Anburaj, principal of the school, students and teachers  were thankful to Vetrivel foundation and to India Team, which supported the  implementation of Multimedia Classroom Program in their school.

On behalf of Vetrivel foundation, our employee Mr. Thangaraj provided a banner containing the details of sponsors, flash drives containing Maths, Science educational videos, a UPS system  and a television to the school headmaster.

The principal of the school hopes that they would provide good quality education to their students through this multimedia classroom program.

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