Visit and Implementation of KA Tamil Videos – at Eden Nursery and Primary School

Report on Eden Nursery and Primary School, Alagappan Nagar, Madurai

On finishing the Manapparai home visit I, Deepak headed to Madurai to handover the 8GB Flash Drive containing Khan Academy Tamil translated Videos. It took around 10.00.P.M. to reach Madurai. Pandiyarajan Sir, Headmaster of Eden Primary School received me and dropped me in a nearby friend’s lodge to stay the whole night.

In the morning I took a bus from Periyar Bus stand to Alagappan Nagar. I took an auto to reach the School. On reaching the School, I was received by Indra Mam, wife of Pandiyarajan Sir, who is a coordinator and teacher of the school. I can’t find Pandiyarajan Sir, because he was out of city for a mentorship duty to teach teachers about new ideas proposed by the Government.I handed over the Flash Drive to Indra Mam.

Then Indra Mam explained about their school running process and also they teach Montessori Training to Teachers, some teachers work in the school too, to gain experience. It was some what different from other school. They deliver knowledge more in Digital format like videos on Rhymes and Study Materials I took a walk around in the school absorbing the students nature and behaviour. Books and more stuffs were stored in the Shelves donated by Vetrivel Foundation.

It was lunch time students disbursed to have their lunch meanwhile, we plugged in the Sandisk 8GB Flash Drive into the TV. We played some videos, by that time students also reached the classroom and started to watch the videos. I waited for some more time to receive the first response for our videos. After which, I informed them about series of visits to receive feedback and load more videos. With that note I checked out the School

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