VVF’s visit (participation) at 15th Annual day of Thai Thamil Mazhalaiyar Palli

We were planning for a visit to review our materials usage and its impact on student’s educational qualities at Thai Tamil Mazhalaiyar Palli, Kottaipattinam, at this juncture we received a call from them inviting us for their 15th Annual Day function to be held on 12 April 2013. We were called as one among the guests to deliver a speech and present awards to the winning students, what a coincidence that we wanted a pilot project to launch our tamil translated videos on Class-I lessons (maths), and that we are invited to a function at Thai Tamil Palli. We prepared content for our speech.

We reached Kottaipattinam well in advance around 4.30 in the evening and are received well by their staff and correspondent. The function started with welcome address by their correspondent Mr.Ramanathan, latter with entertaining stage events by students, after which Chief guest (local body president) delivered his speech. Our speech was delivered by the Headmistress of the school as our key functionaries could not attend the function and a volunteer team member was sent for to attend the function. He also presented the education CD’s to the Headmistress after the speech, the contents in the CD’s were

Lesson 1:

1.      Find place value of a digit.

2.      Multiplication of whole numbers.

3.      Adding whole numbers and application.

4.      Subtraction of whole numbers.

5.      Division of whole numbers and application.

Lesson 2:

1.      Basic addition

2.      Addition-2

3.      Level 2 addition.

4.      Addition-3

5.      Addition-4.

Lesson 3:

1.      Subtraction-Basic

2.      Subtraction_2

3.      Subtraction_3

4.      Alternative mental subtraction.

5.      Subtraction_4


Lesson 4:

1.      Why borrowing works?

2.      Multiplication basic.

3.      Multiplication 4

4.      Multiplication 5

5.      Multiplication 6

Lesson 5:

1.      Place value 2

2.      Place value 3

3.      Rounding whole numbers 1

4.      Rounding whole numbers 2

5.      Rounding whole numbers 3

 Lesson 6:

1.      Comparing whole numbers 1

2.      Comparing whole numbers 2

3.      Comparing whole numbers 3

4.      Subtraction with borrowing

5.      Multiplication of whole numbers

6.      Division of whole numbers.

Our volunteer team member was honored to issue awards to the winning students. We were presented with a shield as a memento:

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