• Covid-19 Fundraiser

    As is true across the world, India’s poor and migrant workers families are impacted by Covid-19. We are doing our small part through fundraising and supporting children and families who are impacted by Covid-19

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  • Growth

    Every seedling and every plant grows with multi dimensional care. So does a child and a student. We at Verivel Foundation believe in nurturing an impoverished student by providing free access to world class educational material. Our journey starts with the translation of Khan Academy to Tamil.

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Make Dreams Come True

Yes, together we can make the dream of a rural girl wanting to be the next aerospace engineer come true. Let us join hands in taking world class educational tools to those who need it the most.

Our Founders circle funds take care of all of the administrative expenses and hence 100% of your donation goes to projects.

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Vetrivel Foundation is a tax exempt, 501 (C) 3 public charity corporation. Our tax ID is 27-1675017.