Our Work

1. We translate and distribute the Khan Academy English videos in various regional languages of India – starting with Tamil

2. Source and distribute open source multimedia education contents to underprivileged schools.

How we do:

Vetrivel Foundation’s primary focus is on developing localizing world class educational content, with translation of Khan Academy to Tamil as our first step.  We have a 80-20 model wherein 80 percent of content is created by our staff and paid free lancers and 20 percent of the content is created by volunteers.

In addition to working directly with schools, we also collaborate with local non-profit organizations in India who deliver our content to rural schools and train students and teachers on how to use our multimedia content. Collaboration with the local NGOs helps us reach schools in rural areas faster and easier. These NGOs who interact with the students and teachers in turn provide feedback to us on our content team, which helps us improve the quality.