Paaventhar School : Subbu Meyyappan’s Visit

Report On Subbu Sir’s Visit to Pavendar Tamizh School

Date : July 6, 2017

Subbu Sir and his family visited Pavendar Tamizh School, to see how well the Multimedia Kit is performing and to receive feedback from the school on how useful is the Multimedia Kit.

I, Deepak and Subbu Sir with his family visited the school, the school Headmaster Mr.Vetriseliyan invited us. Subbu Sir enquired about the school’s history and how the School is running. Vetriseliyan sir explained that the school was running for the past 27 years. And the school was started as a Middle School till 8th Grade and later due to some issues it was now running as Primary School. Their aim is to provide education with Tamil has the medium to educate and to start  all courses.

We then moved on visiting the classrooms of the little blooms. The School has painted the classrooms with Themes of forest and various lands (Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neythal, Palai) of Tamilians. After which we moved on to our Multimedia Classroom. Then the School Headmaster played some videos, so that Subbu Sir and family can see the process. He also segregated the videos according to class wise and promised us to share those segregated videos. He then offered us the schools Pamphlet and his own authored book to all of us.

He also asked us to make series visits so that the feedback can be received and appropriate alterations can be made. As of now the multimedia classroom was not started to the students. Teachers of the school are working on segregation process and will soon update us on the process. They have their own School owned laptop and pendrive so that they work on it and setting the hard drive has a backup. With that note Subbu Sir and his family signed off.

After which I personally asked Vetriseliyan Sir to copy those videos to my Laptop. But he said I’ll finish the entire process and let you know by coming Tuesday afterwhich I can go and collect the segregated class wise videos from the school.

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