Training Teachers on the Use of Khan Academy Tamil at Tamilnadu Foundation

Report on Tamil Nadu Foundations Teachers Training and Vetrivel Foundations Intro Meet

On 23rd March 2018, Tamil Nadu Foundation hosted a Teachers Training Meet to train  Teachers to the latest Multimedia Digital Educational Tools and about ABC Project. Teachers from rural areas of various Districts participated in the event. . Vetrivel Foundation’s Khan Academy Tamil videos Introduction was a big part of it. The event was organized by Mrs.Vasumathi, Executive Director – Projects of Tamil Nadu Foundation. The Event started at 10.00 a.m. in the morning at Tamil Nadu Foundations Building at Kilpauk, Chennai.

The Event started with the dignitaries address, The Chairman of Tamil Nadu Foundation addressed the gathering followed by Dr. Saravanabhavan, Professor Howard University, speech who has been Invited as  Special Guest. In his Speech he thanked all the Teachers who took great efforts to educate students in a more easier and understandable way. He also said that Multimedia education was the easier and upcoming way of Educating Students. He shared his experience coordinating with Tamil Nadu Foundation. He also shared is feedback about Khan Academy Videos and its way of teaching Process.

After Dr. Saravanabhavan’s address, our Chairman Dr.Chockalingam Karuppiah delivered his thoughts via Internet from California,USA. He has also been invited as Special Guest  to give a brief introduction about our Vetrivel Foundation and its Mission. Mr. Gowthamarajan, Content Team Lead India, and Mr. Deepak Saravanan, Staff Member of Vetrivel Foundation assisted our Chairman in the power point projection of his slides. . Our chairman in his speech, explained about Vetrivel Foundation’s evolution and where it started, what gave him the thought to start an organization to help children of Tamil Nadu, India. He also gave a note about the process and progress of Khan Academy Tamil Videos and about Official Khan Academy Tamil Website Translation Process. He also mentioned about the students interests and feedback on watching Khan Academy Tamil Videos. He also thanked teachers for attending the Training meet and requested them to review  the videos and use them in their classes. With that note Our Chairman concluded his presentation.

Following which, Mr. Gowthamarajan, Content Team Lead India, Vetrivel Foundation started the Training program. He  explained in detail about Khan Academy Teaching Process and how they differ from our teaching methodology. He also shared his experience on the project development and explained how the interactive nature adds an extra flavour to the Khan Academy Tamil Videos. He gave his field study outputs on how students take up those videos. He also stated that students had an immense pleasure and enthusiasm in getting knowledge from those bilingual Khan Academy Tamil Videos.

After which, we showed some Khan Academy Tamil Videos to teachers to get a knowledge on how the videos are prepared. Teachers raised various queries on Khan Academy Tamil Videos, will it be suitable for the Indian System andow it will work with  Slow Learners. Mr.Gowtham clarified those doubts. We also showed some videos on a particular topic called Human and Medicine, one noteworthy video was the Study on Human Reproductive System, which many teachers find some difficulties in educating students. Teachers gave a positive feedback on those videos.

Then we gave our Youtube Channel ID consisting of various playlist according to Samacheer Pattern for Various Classes, so that everyone can go and get a look over it and can download according to their needs. Mr.Gowtham also explained about the Khan Academy Tamil Website Translation Process and how it will be useful for a student to interact with the website. He also said that once the website translation is completely over, it will be very useful for the students. ith that note we concluded our Training Program. We requested feedback from the teachers and we received positive feedback from teachers and they are interested in using Khan Academy Tamil Videos in their classes.

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