Visit to Anbagam by Chockkalingam Karuppaiah

Anbagam is a child shelter in Thirunadungalam (a village near Tiruchi) run by Mrs. Prema. The shelter supports orphan children and children from single parents. The children are all supported until they complete school and get a job. Currently, Anbagam supports around 25 children. Jayaraman uncle, Rukmini aunty and I visited Anbagamn March 6, 2010.

The outer appearance of the shelter was very good, and a few children enthusiastically received us. As we entered Anbagam, we noticed that everything was very well organized and neat. Learnt that Anbagam was started 14 years ago as a hut in a farm. With the support of the people in and around Tiruchi, Anbagam has grown and now has its own building.

All children from Anbagam attended Government schools. The kids helped with the “housework”- the older children helped with the cooking and the middle school children helped with washing the clothes. When not at school or helping with housework, the children play, do their homework, and go to temple.

I could see clearly that Mrs. Prema had devoted her life to these kids. As the kids get into higher grades Mrs. Prema could not provide individual attention to their studies. Vetrivel Foundation could possibly provide financial aid to have a tutor come in to help with this aspect.

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