Visit to Malarchi & Anbagam by Uma Ramiah

We had the opportunity to visit Malarchi on 22nd Dec 2010. They gave us a very warm and kind welcome.

Director Mr Mahalingam explained the reason why he started the organization, the struggle he needs to go through in order to run the organization, the day to day operations of the organizations.etc., patiently. We had the chance to have a look around Malarchi and visited the class rooms, meditation room, dining hall and kids sleeping hall .

It was really heart melting when we met the kids at the hostel. Mr Mahalingam said so far he has received Rs, 29806/- from VVF foundation. I had the chance to catch up with the teacher whom VVF has sponsored. For the time being they are planning to teach more handicraft work to the students. They need an extra teacher who is qualified to teach craft to the kids. It looks like it will cost them another 5000/- per month as salary. Another concern of the director was the food expenses, which is around Rs. 30,000 per month.

It looks like this organization was supported by a charity organization from Netherlands. But they withdrew their support as Malarchi is not an Christian organization. I have attached some photos we took at Malarchi.

We also visited Anbagam the same day, where we met Prema and the tuition teacher. Mrs Prema seems to be a kind and strict lady. The kids seem to be quiet happy. I interviewed few kids and the general opinion from the students is that they are doing better after getting tuition. On behalf of VVF foundation I gave Rs.2000 to Mrs Prema to organize for a tour during Christmas holidays. I suppose they are planning to go to Palani for holidays. The money what we gave will be used for travel expenses. The kids and Mrs Prema requested for a computer. They need a basic computer which has MS Word, Drawing software and some games.

Overall both hostels look clean, tidy and organized. The kids were taken care properly and given due care and attention. The persons who are running these organizations seem to be very dedicated.

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